Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Daughters of the Circle, Shadows in Ravenwood, Book One, is out at Amazon

Book One at Amazon!

Her sister, Claire, remembers everything about that devastating day. That day took everything she'd called home. Though she and her aunt spent the rest of her shattered childhood looking for her missing sister, they'd never found her. Now, her grandmother has passed away. And--just like that--Morgan has reappeared.

Book Two at Amazon!

The Fae Races have tribes who help to provide needed protection from the brutal enemy that's been threatening the sisters and their friends since they were children. They have killed members of their families before and the Fae had sent the Gargoyle to guard over them. Being a witch herself, it's a chance for Morgan to learn more about her lost heritage, now that she's remembering all that she had forgotten.

Book Three to be re-released March 17th!

Of this young adult, romantic fantasy with witches, magic and adventure, Sophia wants to return home, but the prince of the UnSeelie Court would see her brought to his castle to be one of his wives. In their attempts to keep her out of his clutches, they inadvertently cross his mother, the Queen of Darkness, and now they must appease her to stay in her good standing.

In the Land of the Fae lies the answer that could save them from certain destruction… 

As they delve deeper into the hidden world of the Land of the Fae, they continue to unravel a long-hidden secret about their destiny, their heritage and the danger that surrounds them all. The dark truth is about to come to light, and it'll change their lives forever…and threaten them all.


Series Spotlight: In this young adult, Witch Fantasy, when faced with using her new power as a new witch, Morgan discovers she has a special affinity for one particular wand. Now she just needs to face her fear of magick.

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